Preusch 4-String Binder

Essential equipment in the making of bamboo fly rods


Bamboo fly rods are made from triangular strips of cane glued together to form the rod section.  The Rod Binder is used to wrap thread or string around the strips, holding them firmly in place while the glue is allowed to dry.  There are two types of machines to accomplish this, using different approaches:  the Garrison-style Binder and the Four-string Binder.

 The Garrison Binder was invented by Everett Garrison in 1932.  Using a hand crank and a drive belt of heavy string, this machine spins the rod section, pulling the binding thread off a stationary spool.  While this was a dramatic improvement over rolling the section across the table with the palm of your hand, the Garrison approach has significant drawbacks.  First, one hand is required to turn the crank, leaving most people with only one other hand free to guide the rod section.  More importantly however, the force of rotating the rod section causes the section to twist.  This twist can be agonizingly difficult to correct.  Additionally, the rod spins against a set of metal support arms, which can damage the delicate corners.  This is especially harmful when binding square, or 'quadrate' rods.  Many rod makers discourage using the Garrison binder in making quad rods for this reason.

The Four-string binder was developed to eliminate these problems.  Rather than spinning the rod and drawing thread off a stationary spool, the spools are rotated about the rod.  Two spindle heads rotate in opposite directions as the rod is passed through the axle tubes.  In this way, any twist induced by the first pair is counteracted by the second.  The spools on each spindle head are mounted on opposite sides of the rod, so that the forces of the thread tension are balanced.  Also, since the rod section is not rotating or in contact with any moving parts, there is no risk of damaging the corners.

The Preusch 4-string Binder is the ultimate in ease of use and rugged durability, that's backed by a full lifetime warranty.  This unique design features a foot operated speed-control pedal for total hands-free operation, allowing you to concentrate on the rod section rather than struggling with the equipment.  A hi/low power switch provides greater versatility.  The heavy 20 ga. steel cabinet is teflon coated to allow easy cleanup.  Heavy duty ball bearings in the spindle heads provide smooth, quiet running.

Say goodbye to twisted sections and chipped corners.


Pricing: $350.00

Shipping, handling and insurance is $15.00 anywhere in the US48

International shipping quoted by request.  Import fees, duties or tariffs are the responsibility of the buyer.


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